Both were in New York last night, both campaigning before the Academy’s nomination window closes later this week. The Brange attended the New York Film Critics’ Circle gala to collect his Best Actor award, George will attend the NBR gala tonight for his Best Actor prize from that organisation, they’ll go head to head on Thursday night at the Critics’ Choice Awards back in Hollywood and again on Sunday at the Globes.

In other words, they’re pretty much together every other day this week. And I like it when they’re together.

But who’s in the lead?

George may have a slight edge though Brad’s picking up some momentum. The National Society of Film Critics just named him Best Actor ahead of Gary Oldman and Jean Dujardin. Sony is playing this very, very carefully for him, working steadily behind the scenes leading up to Friday’s cut-off to make sure his name gets on the list of final five. Still...across the board, every race is tight, no one is a lock. Not even Steven Spielberg.

Spielberg was shut out from the Directors Guild yesterday.


In favour of David Fincher and Woody Allen. (Which means Midnight in Paris - a movie that’s probably my favourite among all the ones being talked about as contenders - still has a good chance.)

What I’m saying is that this year, more than any other, they need to hustle their asses.

Which is why George has been doing so many interviews, appearances, magazine covers. George has been EVERYWHERE. Yesterday it was Rock Centre with Brian Williams and at some point GMA. Look at them fangirl over him on GMA:

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Here’s my favourite part with Brian Williams:

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“I am working on one now that...could end him as we know it.”


Don’t you want Brad and George to be together, like, all the time, with a camera on? I would watch that show! Because, of course, they don’t have to make that show.

Anyway, George alludes to a flight they were on together a couple of days ago, did you hear that? I’m thinking it was either to or from Palm Springs, they shared a ride. And that would mean all four of them,  the Jolie and Keibler, getting to know one another. They’ll have to, very well in fact, because according to the schedule they should be seeing each other at least once a week until Oscar time.

Speaking of Keibler, click here to see a photo of her in New York with Joanna Cole, editor of Marie Claire, yesterday. As IF Stacy Keibler would make it into Marie Claire if not for George Clooney.

While Stacy was enjoying the benefits of being his girlfriend, George was glad-handing around town. As for Brange - I’m into Angelina’s leather skirt and emeralds, it’s a good combination. Very rarely does she look better than he does but it was the case the other night in Palm Springs and it was the same last night in New York...because, again, as I noted then, he’s so thin right now his clothes don’t fit right. Now how can we find a way to blame her for this, tabloids?