George has other things on his mind. Like, bless him, the Haiti telethon on January 22nd. But George arrived, always the consummate star, signed autographs for the bleacher fans, and his Italian Queen by his side. Would have been the moment of all moments if we could have seen George introduce Elisabetta Canalis to Julia Roberts, non?

But they haven’t thought of it yet.

And this was my suggestion during our Live Blog. To offer it to one major advertiser to sponsor a commercial free table camera. Put their logo in the bottom corner. I’d pimp AT&T for life if they’d agree to it. To see what goes on during the breaks. Right?

Anyway, Clooney had a Sad Face on all night and it killed Ely’s buzz. Because her dress was lovely. And this broad did not sign up for an awards season when the plight of others takes precedence over famewhoring. Please.

Wasn’t he handsome though? The back of his head? His hair’s a little longer now, it’s starting to curl at the nape. There were a few times she had her fingers twisted in the back of it, whispering to him like the sirens to Odysseus: introduce me to Marty Scorsese.

As for his loss to Jeff Bridges – this will be a dogfight to the finish. Bridges has all of Mickey’s momentum from last year without the sh-tty past. George however is the power. All he has to do is make the call.

PS. Of course, as Duana pointed out, only Ely didn’t get wet. This bitch owns me.

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