Kinda grumpy today. Underslept, have had a few annoying phone calls but mostly because my trainer Hayley busted my ass on Wednesday and I’m still sore and, as such, played a sh-t 9 holes last night, and have to work out with her again today and she won’t have any sympathy. Anyway, my point about grumpiness is that that’s when I’m less patient with dumb gossip.

I posted an article yesterday, early in the day, about George Clooney and his Italian Queen and how great her Game is with brand NEW photos of the two of them together in Italy this week. Like together, together, together, holding hands. Two hours later emails came in, messages on the liveblog, because some idiot tabloid, probably In Touch or Life & Style, had reported that the two had broken up. But... there are photos!!! Click here to see them. Again, the photos were taken this week. So... as of this week, George and the IQ are not split.

Gossip is a Buffet I always say. So, you know, if that’s the option for you, that George and Ely are done, of course, take it, why not? I’m just saying, in this case, that story is sitting right next to the one on the newsstand next to it about a donkey with a mermaid’s tail that Angelina Jolie used to f-ck while sticking heroin into her nipples.

George and Ely are now apparently in Como together. (Source)

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