Well, it’s all over the mainstream North American media. George Clooney is a free agent. Did the Italian Queen miscalculate? Really? Her? She’s played it so well so far...

Or is it a case of having extracted from him the most she could possibly extract? Some money, clothes, connections, and above all things... a name, at least a name now that she can try to take to the next on her own? (Dumb, yes, but SHE doesn’t know that.)

Ely told a magazine recently that she wanted marriage and children... one day. And we all know George was not going to be the one to give her that. That girl can’t have been stupid enough to believe he would either. So it was a case of determining if there was anything left to exploit. Before moving on, while she still has her looks and her body, and a lot of notoriety, and translate that into something more legitimate.

A wealthy oil baron who doesn’t have the same allergy to making it official? Someone who can provide? Someone who will find pride in nailing a broad who used to nail George Clooney? That matters, you know. That definitely matters. To some.

As for George....well....

He’s in London making a movie with Sandra Bullock. Those two are old friends. And, you know, I’m not going sit here and naively convince you that something real could happen. BUT – he has two major releases this fall: he directed The Ides of March and he stars in the upcoming Descendents, due out in December, juuuuuust in time for award season. Has anyone ever done it? Win Best Director AND Best Actor in the same year? If it was to be done, would it be that much more successful if he was walking the carpet with America’s Sweetheart. Is this too farfetched? Impossible? They would never...?

That’s what the Gossip Genie is for. And some gold old fashioned Hollywood strategery.

File photos from Wenn.com and L. Cohen/Gettyimages.com