Hardly…but this is how men throw down in Hollywood.

So George Clooney and his tarty little girlfriend Sarah Larsen are having dinner the other night in LA. That cheeseball Fabio (romance novel covers) was seated with a group of women at a table nearby. Fabio’s companions started taking photos of their own group, George the narcissist thought they were shooting him, so he asked them to stop and Fabio told him to chill, that his friends were merely snapping pics of themselves. Fab also (which is kind of amazing) called George out, telling him to “stop being a diva”. Snort.

This evidently insulted George’s manhood because he gave it right back and before you know it the two were pushing and shoving until restaurant staff broke up the festivities. Numerous eyewitnesses were present and one described the incident like so:

"George looked annoyed when Fabio went to his table. George stood up, dropped the F-bomb and then went to push him . . . George was drinking . . . He wasn"t drunk, but he certainly wasn"t stone sober, either."

Fabio’s manager, happy for the press of course, summed it up afterwards:

"George is lucky he didn"t end up in the ER."

Kneeslapper!! Ha!

Clooney meanwhile is probably too embarrassed to acknowledge the incident. And so he should be. Tussling with Fabio? I mean if you have to tussle with anyone, at least make it a bad ass, you know? Like Russell Crowe. Or even Kid Rock.

But Fabio? Fabio??? Getting told by Fabio?

Shame Georgie…shame, shame, shame.

Attached – hot photos of George. He needs redeeming.


photos from WENN