George Clooney is getting married…eventually. I wrote about the new wedding rumours yesterday – click here for a refresher. Now the speculation is that it’ll be in three parts: first a civil ceremony in England on September 12 followed by a weekend party in Venice on September 26 and a bigger castle-style reception in England again on October 25. Sounds expensive.

So, here he is in Cernobbio, Italy today, with his friend Jean Dujardin, shooting a new Nespresso commercial. Maybe this is where he’ll complete his ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. Jean can do it with him. Clooney was nominated by Matt Damon. He, Brange, and Depp are probably the only – and biggest – ones left now. At this point I wonder if it’s an ego thing.

I’m not doing it if Pitt doesn’t do it. If I do it and Depp doesn’t do it, do I look like an asshole?

By the way…has anyone nominated Ryan Gosling?