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Cincinnati you lucky, lucky bitches.

Enjoy this while it lasts.

Here are George Clooney and Ryan Gosling shooting Ides of March yesterday. As always, George is loose and affable on set. And word is the two get on quite well. Apparently G likes to call his younger counterpart a “handsome cat”.

These are great times professionally for Ryan. Steve Carell personally selected him over many others for Crazy Stupid Love and Clooney chose him for his next directorial effort. It’s nice to be wanted, non?

As for George – we were at dinner last night talking about the Oscars and the famous Vanity Fair Oscar party and how most people who are super super superstars don’t get a plus one and I was like, ok fine, who would be the only celebrity who could turn up with an entourage of 10 and be let in, no questions. These are people who know about such things. Their answer:

Brad Pitt and George Clooney.

Not even Depp?

Nah, he’s not plugged in like those guys.

The thing about those guys though, as we all agreed too, is that they would never even try it. It’s not their style. Besides, these days, if they don’t have to be there, they really can’t be bothered to go. George’s policy has always been not to go unless he’s nominated, or a returning winner who presents to the next.
I like this approach. You don’t want to be that person who’s there year after year as filler. I know it’s the Oscars and all but this is what these ones, the elites, understand about protecting their status. You can’t just f-cking trot them out any time you want.

Photos from Jackson Lee/Brian Prahl/

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