Click here for a refresher on my gossip-wishing about George Clooney/Sandra Bullock from yesterday after confirmation that he’s now done with the Italian Queen. As already noted, George has two major releases this fall – first as a director and star in The Ides of March, and then as a possible Best Actor candidate in The Descendents. Sandy is so loved, she could totally help with that, right?

How’s this for a Hollywood fairytale?

America’s Sweetheart is betrayed by the big bad biker and she hides away with her baby waiting for love to come around. America’s favourite playboy just hasn’t found the right one. Can you blame him? OF COURSE he’ll mess around with the skanky ones. A man has needs! And he just needs to be SAVED.
Timing is everything. Is this the right time?

Please. The MiniVan will love it. Why? Because Sandra isn’t 26. And because in their minds all men should settle down.

As for what that might look like – check out these pictures of George and Sandy from about a month ago on the set of Gravity in London. George is taking iPhone shots of little Louis who is so f-cking cute I can’t stand it. How can George stand it? That’s the hook right?

If they have the audacity to actually attempt this, even I will try to believe it.

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