New issue of Hello Canada includes photos of George Clooney flaunting his new romance in Venice. Her name is Sarah Larson. She is 28. A model. Of course. Call me Cruise but she looks exactly the same as the others – Krista Allen, Lisa Snowdon… is it just me?

Apparently Sarah and George have been inseparable, spending weeks together at his Italian villa and now touring the festival circuit. NB however that this is not the woman I saw him with at the Du Cap during Cannes - click here for a refresher click here for a refresher.

Curiously enough, the blonde in Cannes did not fit the mold. At the time, though they said she was a model, I remember smelling a hint of high end hired sleaze …which is no surprise. Word is that’s how he likes it. No strings, see?

Still…given that he’s trotting Sarah out officially…some say this one is a bit more serious. I say reserve judgment. This is after all George Clooney.

Hello Canada hits newsstands today.