They were just in Mexico last month, George Clooney and Stacy Keibler. They were back in Mexico on Friday. He has a place there. So when he’s not selling, and it’s too chilly in Lake Como, Mexico it is...

This year with Stacy.

Stacy now goes everywhere. Europe, across North America, Mexico, all the awards and events, perhaps all the way to the Kodak Theatre.    

It really is the best job ever. Like 12 months of holiday. Needless to say, she really seems to be enjoying it. And she’s allowed to initiate affection. Check out her hand on his ass. And her arm around his on the golf cart. What do you think of his retirement home shorts?

On the subject of Clooney’s age - remember how HD made everyone f-cking crazy and injection-happy? Is the over-popularity of 3D having the same effect? George recently spoke about being in 3D for the first time in his career for Gravity, the movie he shot this year, directed by Alfonso Cuaron, with Sandra Bullock. Doesn’t sound like he’s a fan:

"It is the first time I've been in 3-D and, hopefully, the last time.”

He goes on to describe the film and the experience:

"A satellite blows up and space junk causes damage. We go out in space suits, and (Sandy) and I are tethered together, floating through space.”

Why do I keep picturing the “movie” Julia Roberts made in Notting Hill where she’s wearing that bob wig in a white space suit? Do you remember?

As for whether or not you should expect Transformers and explosions, George says:
"It's a two-hander with only two actors in the whole film.  It is a very odd film, really. Two people in space. No monsters. It's more like 2001 than an action film.  Sandy is the lead. And she is beautiful in it. We have known each for way over 20 years. It's fun to work with her."

You know what this sounds like? Just to bring it back to geography in a nice tidy way? It sounds like The Mexican with Julia Roberts and Brad Pitt. A movie with two superstars and you expect it to be a certain way and it’s totally, totally not that way and the audience, the audience is totally, totally confused.