Stacy’s not going back to Como

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Back in March, US Weekly reported that the “end is near” for George Clooney and Stacy Keibler. George evidently didn’t’ like that US was all up in his business so he denied it and flew Stacy over to Germany for a few photo opportunities. Click here and here for a refresher.

Since then though, the two have not been seen together. And now it’s full on summer and she hasn’t been invited to Lake Como. More importantly, a new award season fast approaches and George has two, maybe three, films that might contend – August: Osage County, The Monuments Men, and Gravity. So…

PEOPLE is now reporting that the two are done, citing sources on Stacy’s side who claim that she was the one who ended it because she wants to have babies. But isn’t that always why they end it? Because this guy will never want marriage and babies? That rationale does sound a lot better than “now that I have my own tv show and some cash and a down payment on a new house, it was time to leave”. The MiniVan Majority would certainly understand. And they wouldn’t hold it against him either. Why would they start now?

So, what’s next?

Well, IF the regular pattern holds up, we may see a new girlfriend installed by August. George seems to prefer having a date around during festival and award season and Gravity is opening Venice and then, usually, it’s on to TIFF right after. IF the regular pattern holds up, that is. He may finally choose to rewrite the pattern this year, bring his mother instead, as I’ve been encouraging. Besides, Julia Roberts will be working the campaign circuit with him. And he might just not want to hear it from her for 6 months, you know? The Oscars are pushed back to March in 2014 due to the Olympics. That’s a long time to work it without a gf but it’s also a long time to have to listen to Julia go on about whatever it is that she harangues him about…mostly his love life.

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