Stacy Keibler spent part of her first weekend as the mistress of Villa di Clooney in Lake Como at dinner with friends, by candlelight, seated next to her boyfriend with his arm around her or his hands in her lap entwined in her fingers. Very romantic. Very SOLID. The two dined with friends and looked super relaxed. OF COURSE the locals all have something to say about it: “We’ve never seen him so happy! He is in LOVE!” The follow-up question to that, naturally, would be - more or less in love than when he was with Elisabetta or Sarah or Lisa? We never do get the answer to that one, do we?

Still, Stacy is in such good standing and has performed so beautifully it’s inevitable the proposal rumours will ensue, and not even by her own encouragement. In fact, if I were her, I’d be pissed if one of those low-grade tabloids started suggesting it. George is so skittish he needs to be approached gently, and with a plan. I’m not sure it’s part of Stacy’s plan to accelerate the relationship...yet. She’s shown herself to be a lot more strategic than we’ve given her credit for.

More importantly though...

Who manages the guest schedule at Villa di Clooney?  All summer there’s usually a steady rotation of visitors. I would be happy to do this job.