George Clooney gave Stacy Keibler permission to stand next to him on a red carpet the other day at the NY premiere of The Descendants. She must have passed the test. Because he took her to Paris with him and allowed her to do the same there. Still looking like they need to practise more in the mirror, non? This is what the Beckhams do all the time. Like any skill, it needs to be maintained.

Why is her dress so tacky? Because it’s Marchesa. Marchesa and Stacy Keibler were totally made for each other. Can you see the tape over her breast? Let me buy you a gown. But you have to put it together yourself.

They’re Edward and Vivian!

All in service, naturally, of The Descendants, universally beloved by critics, already a contender for a lot of awards, including Best Actor for George Clooney who, despite his denials, would LOVE to win one as a lead and not only as a supporting.

A second, shorter trailer for The Descendants was just released this week. It opens in limited on November 18th, then goes wide a couple of weeks later.