The Descendants screened at the New York Film Festival last night. Buzz is so strong about this film, and George Clooney’s performance in it (directed by Alexander Payne, his first full length feature since the acclaimed Sideways) has people practically guaranteeing an Oscar nomination. All this on top of The Ides of March which also could contend at the Kodak.

Still, according to the Los Angeles Times, George is losing ground to his friend Brad Pitt, and has been steadily over the years. What? You can read their position on it here.  Clooney fans and Angelina Jolie haters will likely disagree. But is it coincidence or conspiracy that after the publication of this article, George has finally given his current piece, Stacy Keibler, permission to stand next to him on a red carpet? Well, to be fair, he’s been grooming her for it for a couple of months now. She was well on her way. And now, as the awards races are taking shape, they’ve decided it’s the right time.

Here they are, posing together, officially, their red carpet debut. Looks like it needs some practice, non? A little awkward. Better work it out now than in January when almost every weekend they’ll have to run the campaign circuit.

Will it last until then?

Well... George made sure to let us know they went to Mexico last week - click here - and now he’s letting her in the front door as opposed to the back entrance which is essentially how it was at TIFF.

And now?

Somehow she got permission to tweet about him. Indirectly.

Stacy Keibler's photo It must have been really hard for a certain “Bengals fan” to have this cake made for my birthday. GO RAVENS!
Stacy Keibler on WhoSay

She’s a Baltimore Ravens fan. It’s well known that George is for Cincinnati. And he special ordered her a cake for her birthday.


Elisabetta Canalis was told to shut her Twitter down after dumbassedly insulting Jennifer Aniston. Click here and here for a refresher. Stacy Keibler however, so far at least, not only has permission to continue tweeting, but she can also tweet about HIM. This girl? This girl has a very, very good agent.

This “girl” is also how he refers to her. When he’s telling his people - the drivers, the security - how he wants her placed, how she should arrive, etc, he calls her “the girl”.

“Pick the girl up at 8pm and bring her over to the restaurant.”

“The girl is coming through the front tonight.”

“Drop me off, then get the girl and have her brought in the back door.”

 You know, at a certain point, it becomes a branding issue. George’s escort classification is always C List and under. And that’s partly to do with maintenance. Stacy Keibler, for example, requires a lot less attention than Jennifer Lopez. I get that.

But what is the consequence to his brand? It’s like ordering an 80 dollar steak and then smothering it in ketchup. Going back to the Brad Pitt comparison - you’ll note Brad Pitt, in companion selection, since becoming a major player, has always kept it at a certain level. For the brand. Gwyneth Paltrow, Jennifer Aniston, Angelina Jolie...they’ve all enhanced the brand. In a way that the Italian Queen and Stacy Keiblers of the world simply can’t manage.