Katie Holmes threw herself off the back of Tom Cruise’s bike. He has yet to refill the position. George Clooney’s backseat however is still occupied. He took Stacy Keibler on a day trip to Switzerland the other day with some friends.

Last week I polled you the following:

Balmoral with the Royals or invitation to Villa Clooney?

It’s been pretty even the responses. What’s interesting to me is the way you’ve been responding. Those of you who’d choose Clooney are, like, mega aggro about it. Almost to the point of all caps. OF COURSE CLOONEY IT WOULD BE SO BORING WITH THE QUEEN!!!!!!!

I dunno. I mean, the Queen is an old lady. At some point she has to go to bed. And then...

The whole point is that it’s a tough decision. Like sh-t and diarrhoea but the opposite.