PEOPLE has exclusive photos of George Clooney on safari in Tanzania with Amal Alamuddin, the English lawyer he’s dating now. Click here to see. They’re exclusive to the publication, with the online post promising more shots of the couple in the print edition on newsstands tomorrow. Which means they’ve been holding them until their competition closed their issues. It is indeed a major exclusive. And these are prime shots.

I mean, despite what they might try to tell you, this was not a stealthy pap situation. The photos are being distributed by Getty Images. It’s about as official as you can get. And it shows in the quality. Almost like they’re posed, non? Please don’t tell me you don’t think Clooney knew this was happening. Because if that’s the case, I’m not sure, after all these years, we’ve learned anything at all.

So this is basically an announcement and confirmation: Yes. I am dating again. She is my bonafide. Please, world, meet Amal Alamuddin.

She’s not a cocktail waitress. She’s not an aspiring actor/dancer/tv presenter. No. She’s a proper barrister. Click here to check out her credentials. Those are some credentials, non? This is not the standard Clooney escort profile. Which probably means the benefits that he can usually offer his paramours wouldn’t have the same appeal. Then again, given her focus on international law and human rights, he may be of some influence…just not the kind of influence he’s used to exchanging in his romantic relationships. Which, I wonder, if that’s also attractive to him. For once it’s not a part in a tv drama or access to designer dresses and invitations to the Oscars but something more profound that he can offer. Sh-t, I’m almost proud of him.

NB. The images so far are exclusive to PEOPLE. If they become available for wider use, I’ll try to post.