George Clooney was out in Studio City yesterday, supposedly visiting his chiropractor. While wearing his only t-shirt. Always this t-shirt. Because he owns the company. And the company announced that it’s releasing a new variant yesterday.

“We are extremely excited and proud to add our añejo after resting it to perfection in our barrels in Jalisco, Mexico. It’s a great feeling to share something we created, drink and are extremely proud of. It was important to take our time and have the patience necessary to create the perfect añejo. We’re happy to say it is ready for the bottle. In fact, to be sure, we bottled a couple cases and have been enjoying it with friends for the past few weeks.”


What’s happened over the past few weeks?

The wedding.

Crates and crates of Casamigos were delivered to Venice for the wedding. So the wedding guests could have been enjoying this. GREAT selling feature, non?


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