George Clooney arrived solo at Critics’ Choice last night which was surprising considering he’s been trotting that Sarah Larsen out everywhere these days. Given that she was a cocktail waitress and a Vegas hired party girl before he plucked her, I can’t imagine she would have had anything better to do … so maybe he wanted it to be a night out with the boys? He and Don Cheadle were spotted “inside joke”-ing each other all night. George was on hand to present Don with a humanitarian award.

He was also the butt of Casey Affleck’s jokes. After losing out to Daniel Day-Lewis for Best Actor, Casey shouted at Clooney – "Hey you big loser. You"re a loser!"


But he can wear a tux, can’t he? Am trying to look at him in the tux and not think of Fabio and the tussle. Quiveration killers can last a long, long time.


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