But doesn’t he?

George Clooney has said he’ll never run for office – it’s a shame, non? Because aesthetically, at the very least, he totally fits the part.

George was at UN headquarters in NYC today in his role as Messenger of Peace discussing very urgent matters and looking very handsome. His dates for the occasion were his parents – awwww!

As you can see, although he looks great, he also looks a bit tired. And gaunt. And thin. Perhaps as a result of that mystery illness that plagued him last week, forcing him to return home early from a trip to Darfur and skipping the SAGs. He has been super thin for a while though.

Speaking of Darfur – you think George will talk the Pitts into delivering the Second Coming there? Conflict in the region has been unforgivably ignored. You know the Pitts are all about making statements.

Photos from Wenn.com