George Clooney’s latest movie, The American, opened on Wednesday. I know. You barely noticed. Because he’s barely bothered. And I initially, as well documented, thought it had to do with the film sucking. And maybe a little with the Italian Queen’s dirty mess. We’ll get to that later.

Thing is, The American is earning decent reviews. Not glowing, not over the top jizzy great, but good enough. So no, it doesn’t suck. But ... there wasn’t even a premiere. No premiere, almost no press, not much of an advertising push, just a late dinner sighting last night which is hardly an effort... do they even want us to see it?

His behaviour is so curious these days. I mean, her little cocaine and hooker scandal barely registered among the gossip neophytes in North America which, really, accounts for the masses. Enough to derail a movie release? I find it so hard to believe. Because The American is not the movie that the masses would be seeing anyway. It’s slow and contemplative, it takes place in Europe, and he’s not Danny Ocean.

But even if it was an arthouse endeavour with a dinky ass budget, he filmed it in Italy to rejuvenate an area in the country that had been devastated by earthquake, so you’d think he’d want to pimp it a little more than he has, right?

See? I don’t get it. But my smutty sense is tingling.

Attached – George and Elisabetta Canalis leaving dinner at Ago last night in West Hollywood.

Below – a scene from The American

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