The American opens in exactly a week. Meanwhile George Clooney was bikeriding today with Elisabetta Canalis in Italy. As I keep noting, normally there would have been a lot more press, a lot more presence. Clearly George’s priority is not publicity right now. And we are well past the one year mark for Ely after weathering a cocaine and prostitution scandal from which she’s emerged completely unscathed.

Please. You can’t bring down the Italian Queen with a few flimsy rails and a hooker. That’s hardly a challenge.

George and Ely will be back in Los Angeles on Sunday to attend the Emmys where he’ll receive the Bob Hope Humanitarian Award. Last time they were on a major carpet (at the Oscars) he seemed loopy and she looked like she’d been had and there was a noticeable tension between them that many people picked up on. It’ll be a better showing this weekend. Trust.

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