She comes out at night

Lainey Posted by Lainey at October 20, 2011 20:03:53 October 20, 2011 20:03:53

In London tonight at the premiere of The Descendants, Stacy Keibler got the call. Check her out, on the arm of George Clooney, on a carpet that was all theirs. Look at her. She’s the toast of the world.

Will it ever be like this again?


It will only be like this when he wants you around.

Right now, he wants to hold her hand, present her to the public as his Oscar season date, present her to his peers as the flavour of the year. Why is it that he thinks he can’t do it alone? He’s like the Demi Moore of campaign actors. But when he won for Syriana in 2006, he was alone. When he was nominated for Best Actor for Michael Clayton in 2008, he took Sarah Larson and lost. Then for Up In The Air he brought Elisabetta Canalis and lost too. He didn’t have a chance those years, true, and having a date could certainly have been a distraction from that. But it’s fascinating that even George Clooney can’t go to a party in a town he owns on his own. Which is crazy to me. Like George Clooney would have to stand in a corner holding his blackberry pretending to be busy texting so he doesn’t feel so obviously alone.

Back to Stacy though - this, I think, is her best showing so far and certainly a mega improvement on what we saw at TIFF. Have you forgotten? Click here and click here. The f-ck?

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