When the Italian Queen met the Jolie

Lainey Posted by Lainey at December 1, 2009 11:59:00 December 1, 2009 11:59:00

They call her “Ely”. And Ely is working it like she’s all tight with Mother Clooney. And Ely and Mother Clooney flanked George last night at the LA premiere of Up in the Air, just in case you were questioning how badly he wants that Best Actor Oscar. Elisabetta Canalis has been chosen this season to help him get there and she’s grabbing that bitch full throttle and running the show. You see how she continues to impress? Heads up Sarah Larson. Ely is the Oracle.

What happened when the Oracle met the Jolie?

Last night the Brange feted George at the Up in the Air afterparty where Angelina turned on her sale ready sexy flirty porn smile – click here for more photos - putting her game face on for what could be a formidable foe. Or ally, depending how you see it. Can you imagine Ely and Angie BFFs?

Maybe finally Angelina can befriend a girl who can teach her how to dress.

As for Ely, my friend LB just pointed it out and yes, totally yes… she looks like a Grimaldi, non?

Also, Mother Clooney is making my mother jealous. GORGEOUS.

Photos from Flynetonline.com

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