So it’s over between George Clooney and Stacy Keibler because she wanted marriage and babies, according to PEOPLE. According to US Weekly, they hadn’t been spending any time together, with him in Europe shooting a movie and her in America trying to build a career hosting reality tv shows and attending video game launches. Because of the distance, apparently they weren’t f-cking enough and a girl needs to get some. OK so the easy joke here is do you want marriage or do you want sex?

Anyway, Page Six has a different version of the story. They report that it was George who ended it and, three weeks ago, called up Stacy and told her to pack up out his house. Page Six asked Stacy’s publicist about it at the time but she denied it. And now both sides are distributing their respective interpretations of what went down. Or at least what they want you to think went down.

So is Stacy bitter, or what?

George Clooney has always been… generous… with his lovers. Whether it’s one night or two years, he never, ever cheaps out. Stacy has a proper B List career in entertainment now, probably a lot of cash, jewellery, and maybe even a little real estate. What’s the problem? After all, you don’t actually go into a relationship with George Clooney on a different set of expectations, do you?

Attached – Clooney out with friends in Lake Como yesterday