It happens all the time – celebrities experience failure and they deny it. They don’t want to discuss it. They talk around the issue, they make up excuses, they blame everyone else for their disappointments. See Tom Cruise on Oprah.

How refreshing then that the current King of Hollywood, regardless of his romantic proclivities, is man enough to address it straight up.

As you know, Leatherheads was a critical and commercial loser. In an interview with Rolling Stone, George can handle the truth:

"It bombed and when I say bombed, it bombed. Someone said, "How does that feel?" and it stings a little bit. It"s not like we just showed up: I was working on this for a couple years and put a lot of work into it, and you get knocked back a little bit."

This is what makes George so appealing. He’s not defensive, he’s not Jessica Simpson, for example, who tried to convince a reporter recently that she does have a future in film and that Blonde Ambition did not suck it at the box office.


If George Clooney can admit defeat, Jessica Simpson should be admitting defeat.

But that’s why George is George. He almost always plays it right. This is George the other night in NYC leaving his birthday party. Can you imagine him having sex with Roseanne Barr?