He was on David Letterman last night, sexy as all hell in his black suit and so…

Man. Just Man. Real Man. There is no boy or punk in George Clooney. Even my mother in law wants him. And this is not a frivolous woman.

Check out George last night out for dinner with his piece and the Gerbers. George has been lighting up NYC while in town shooting Burn After Reading and he’s also been playing the press rounds for Michael Clayton – now generating so much positive critical buzz that Clooney has kicked it up a notch, charming journalist after journalist during interviews and supposedly even agreeing to push back the release date for Leatherheads.

This just in…

Leatherheads – costarring Renee Zellweger and John Krasinksi – was originally scheduled for December release. Holiday season, award season.

With the momentum surrounding Michael Clayton however rumour has it Leatherheads has just been delayed to April. Not because it isn’t ready – George works like a machine, he always makes deadline – but because Clooney is now mounting another Oscar campaign and doesn’t want to dilute the flavour. Right now the race for Best Actor is wide open. Viggo Mortensen certainly deserves a nomination for Eastern Promises, as does James McAvoy in Atonement, and Brad Pitt’s win in Venice positions him well, but Oscar is a popularity contest. And no one is more popular than George.

Given that he’s proud of his work on Michael, he’s definitely isn’t above hustling for the statue.

It’s early…but campaign season is officially in full swing!

Will keep you posted on confirmation re: Leatherheads.

PS. My producer Laura S - who knows all things movies - says Tom Hanks wants #3 this year and he also won"t be shy to gun for Oscar.  Tom and George showdown? America"s two favourites going head to head? Do you love it or do you LOVE it?