This was prewritten yesterday but I had prewritten so much I forgot to post it. Which in itself should be an argument against George Clooney. Like would I have forgotten about George Clooney 3 years ago?

Anyway, here are George’s pros and cons.

Arguments for:

  • It’s George Clooney. It’s Mr Hollywood, Mr Charming, Mr Popular, Mr Prankster, Mr Everything
  • Few can sell an obscure movie like George Clooney. Think The American. He has the kind of influence that doesn’t come around very often.
  • We may know The Italian Queen, but for the readers of People Magazine, The Italian Queen is his steadiest girlfriend in a long time. They think he’s in love. That he may actually be tamed. And, for some, this has added a new endearment to his long list of attributes.
  • He continues to be socially active, organising the Haiti telethon, and raising awareness for the situation in Sudan. Clooney received the Bob Hope Humanitarian Award at the Emmys. Everyone picks up the phone when The Chairman calls.
  • On its 25th anniversary, People Magazine could not make a safer choice. When you look back in 10 years, it’ll still hold up.

Arguments against:

  • George has spent very little time in our faces of late. It seems he wants to scale down his profile. As such, he may not want the title.
  • People has never had a 3 time Sexiest Man Alive. I’m not sure this is the year to break that record.
  • While the MiniVan may actually believe he’s in love with The Italian Queen, the fact that The Italian Queen’s ass has no ripples could work against him...because he’s never pretended to want one of them.
  • People want George to be That Guy – the guy in ER, the one who makes people-pleasing movies. But George’s products these days seem more and more unrelatable to the SMA demographic. And he hasn’t given them a Danny Ocean in a long time. Could work against him.
  • George already owns the 20th anniversary SMA title. Does he also need to own the 25th?

Odds: 13 to 1

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