He was lost in the TIFF shuffle and the Pitt frenzy – am sorry, although unlike Cannes, there wasn’t much smut-wise to tell about George Clooney’s visit to Toronto, except to say he was a total stud and charmed the panties off everyone… male and female.

George was a fixture at the Windsor Arms, preferring to hold court there during his stay – the hotel’s old boys club vibe was perfect for his tastes.

My friend Ryan shot him for eTalk at the press conference and came away from the experience with a bit of a Mancrush. George in person is exactly as you want him to be: a man’s man without having to drive a pick up truck, so chill, so confident, so unbelievably sexy, and still with an appreciation for great tailoring and a great pair of shoes.

Ben Mulroney interviewed him for our show last weekend. They opened with a bit of a mutual gush over their respective suits – George admired Ben’s, Ben admired George’s…and it wasn’t the least bit flamey.

But this is what makes George George. Celebrities are, more often than not, chronically late. Their time, you see, is more important than yours. It was not unusual therefore during this festival for a star to arrive just before the screening, necessitating a quick dash into the theatre and bypassing the fans and the press line in the process. But it’s the media that promotes the movie and the fans that will go see it, non?


This is about George Clooney – one of the biggest super celebrities in the world, theoretically one of the few who doesn’t “need” to work his ass off for promotion.

And still… George Clooney arrived AN HOUR BEFORE his Michael Clayton premiere. AN HOUR. It’s almost unheard of. Some outlets weren’t even in position yet. But George wants his film to kick ass. And so he will grind his ass signing autographs for the screamers and he will ensure that each and every reporter gets a sound bite, and he will smile for each and every camera…


Because he’s a f&cking pro.

Check out George in NYC last week out for dinner with Rande Gerber. Fine looking man, fine looking suit.