Those are his words, not mine.

George Clooney was one of the guests at the Brilliant Lecture Series at Wortham Centre in Houston yesterday. As you’d expect, there were a LOT of ladies there. And they were his. They were his when he arrived and by the time the Q&A was over, they’d become his for life.

There’s a good article here about his appearance which is worth the read with your glass of wine later (thanks Kasey). I’ve highlighted a few moments:

When asked by a St Thomas University student to describe himself in three words, George answered:

“Confused, intimidated, and gray.”

He then wanted to know the same of her.

“Seriously?” she replied, like she couldn’t believe he’d care.

I’m a dog owner so, obviously, I love his personal motto:

"Be the person that your dog thinks you are.”

If you’ve ever had a dog, you know what this is. Nothing and no one will ever look at you the way your dog looks at you. There are times when I leave my dogs in the car to pop into a shoppe for a few minutes and when I come out, it’s like they’ve never been so happy in their lives.

But my favourite, FAVOURITE George Clooney quip, maybe EVER, especially in light of all the vomitty gushing we’ve been hearing from all these celebrity mothers, is his answer to “what is your greatest achievement?”

"My kids," said the notoriously-never-married-and-childless Clooney in an acerbic stab at celebrities who piously point to their children as their greatest accomplishment. "Little George, he's going to be president one day."

You are enough for me like this, as you are. You don’t need to be a B-lister’s boyfriend.
When will you understand?

By the way, George’s dinner for Obama next week is expected to raise $12 million for the President’s campaign.

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