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Clooney and Anna Kendrick and Vera Farmiga were on the cover of Entertainment Weekly last week and the interview was charming. He has a lot of affection for young Anna. He concedes that she steals the movie, and she does, and he also answers that ubiquitous question: Team Edward or Team Jacob?

George Clooney says TEAM ANNA.

Cute, right?

George also addresses Oscar campaigning, claiming that he’s over it, claiming that he no longer participates in the kind of full throttle promotion that usually accompanies a movie blitz. You get to a certain level of fame and, really, there are only maybe 5 or 6 names who don’t have to pimp it so hard. Clooney, Pitt, Depp, Jolie, Hanks…

They don’t have to live on the circuit.

But that doesn’t mean they don’t lobby in other ways, despite what George insists is a newfound refusal to engage:

“It’s closing in on two years since I’ve really done any interviews. Leatherheads bombed. And what occurred to me is that I did everything. I did the whistle-stop tour. What you realize is, when you’re at a certain place in your career where people know you, it’s not like you have to get known. I don’t want to be MORE famous. You realize that movies are going to be successful or not based on the trailer and how it’s sold and what people’s perception of the movie is. No amount of going out there and trying to be funny on a talk show or doing covers of magazines is going to make any difference. I don’t believe that’s true for actors who are making their name. But once you get to that place, I find it to be sort of soul stealing. I’ll do the red carpets, but I’m not going to do the press conferences anymore (either). You focus on a few smart interviews and try to do them every once in a while and make them hard to get.”

Sure. But then how does Elisabetta Canalis fit in?

Conveniently, in an Oscar possible year, suddenly George Clooney is in love, involved in a serious relationship, and the whitewashing of Ely has been ongoing for months… and this is not a campaign? Oh Georgie. We know.

Here are George and Ely last night after dinner at Mr Chow. They spent the entire holiday together in Mexico, and have been virtually inseparable for months. Next stop: the Golden Globes.

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