Not that there needs to be any confirmation – you’ve seen Angelina’s bump, haven’t you?

Still, the Pitts have yet to open their mouths and declare the Second Coming…but it turns on George Clooney did it for them on Oscar Sunday during an interview with Australian television.

He also cracked a joke about “paying” for Sarah Larsen to be there with him. Snort.

Then they went on to talk a little about Vegas – that it’s “her” town. And that that’s where they spent Valentine’s. With “her” friends.

He’s a depraved motherf*cker that one. And he is living the life. In his 40s, hooked by a fantasy girl who won’t ask for more than a place to stay and a closet full of clothes. As Ali G would say – much Respek.

Do you need a refresher on the kinds of services Sarah can provide? Click here for the photos. And here for the clip.

Thanks Ling!