With all due respect to Stacy Keibler...

Because I’m sure she’s very nice.

But come on. I had to google to answer the question: What is a Stacy Keibler? Apparently a wrestler. And she was on Dancing With The Sh-ts which I don’t watch so I’d never heard of her. Some other tabloid reported that she’s now George Clooney’s new piece. Us Weekly has followed with corroboration. And a source “close to her” insists that it’s more than just a fling.

Oh honey. Already? You’re telling your people to talk...already? Look! Keibler just arrived at LAX yesterday as the story broke wide. Conveniently she was papped!

Apparently she and George have known each other a few years. It’s “exclusive” already.

Well, at 31, she’s right there in the age range, and she fits the template as established by her predecessors. Clooney doesn’t date “names”. And they’re never overly overly pretty either. They’re goodlooking, sure, but they’re not showstoppers either. Sarah Larson, The Italian Queen, now Keibler...

It’s deliberate for him. The gorgeous ones require too much maintenance. And come with too many expectations. He brings them along when they are lower on the scale, right up to the point where they ask for too much, and then he cuts them loose, finds a new one and starts from the beginning. There’s a training process you know. And a certain amount of discretion is required, along with a willingness to, ah, experiment.

Um, pretty sure, by these standards, that Stacy Keibler doesn’t have anything bigger on her resume than George Clooney. The way she’s playing it though, already, I don’t know if she’s sticking around. Don’t think this one wasn’t vetted very thoroughly.

As for Elisabetta Canalis - she’s in LA too, was seen leaving a restaurant last night, and had to drive herself home.

Photos from Flynetonline.com and SPW/Splashnewsonline.com