George Clooney will be in France on Friday for the Cesar Awards (the French equivalent of the Oscars) where he will be presented an Honourary Cesar for his “dazzling talent as an actor, director, scriptwriter and producer — and above all, his artistic and spiritual generosity”. Ahead of the event, he sat down for an exclusive interview with Laurent Weil for Canal Plus to discuss his career, his political involvement, and, yes, the twins.

This is the first time George has publicly acknowledged the news. He says it will be “an adventure”. He talks about how Jean-Paul Belmondo became a father at 70 and that gives his some reassurance. He says his friends have been teasing him because all their kids are grown and in college and he’s just starting the hard part. That’s really the big headline.

But there is more to this interview. When asked about Meryl Streep’s comments at the Golden Globes and whether or not the “Hollywood Elite” has a right to criticise Donald Trump, George points out that Donald Trump has over 20 film and television credits to his name and “collects $120,000 in Screen Actors Guild pension fund”. Which makes Donald Trump “Hollywood Elite” too. And as far as Steve Bannon is concerned, George notes that he’s a failed screenwriter/director – so he WANTED to be “Hollywood Elite”. It’s just that he couldn’t make it in Hollywood. Is that kinda like how Hitler was rejected by the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna?

As for George’s place in Hollywood and, specifically, being awarded, and having an Oscar, I like his attitude about the Academy Awards. It’s important to him that he won. He doesn’t diminish the accomplishment. In fact, he talks about it being a goal and the freedom and relief that comes when you “get it out of the way”. Which doesn’t sound complimentary but in the context of how he’s describing the process, there’s nothing disrespectful here. In fact, it’s an admission that few of them are willing to make – that they think about it, winning one, having one, a LOT more than they let on.

As for Amal, George doesn’t mention her much except to say that on the red carpet at the Cesar Awards, she’ll be the one speaking French. And the best part of the interview?

It takes place at his house. So Millie makes an appearance! Around the 3:15 mark below.