The girls should be wearing varsity jackets with their hair tied up in ponytails. And George Clooney is Danny Zuko?

Check it out – in Italy, how precious, George and his BFF Rande Gerber, with wife Cindy Crawford, and his new piece Elisabetta Canalis, riding around town together like couple clones. Rande and Cindy are regular periphery players in the George Clooney production and no doubt, they’ve seen it all before. And they’ve obviously learned to roll with his lady styles. Oh hello. Here’s his flavour of the summer. Let’s see how long this one will last.

You’ll note Rande and Cindy never bring their kids on a George Clooney holiday. And if they do those kids remain well hidden and kept away from Uncle George.

How does he do it? How does he communicate to them that their children, um, are strongly advised to stay home? Or is it rather obviously implied given the shenanigans that regularly go on inside his house?

Tricky subject, especially in the era of the yummy mummy. The New York Times Social Q’s recently posted a question on it – click here to read. If you’re throwing a party, are you allowed to say who can and cannot come? Or are you disrespecting your friend’s family?


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