Following his modest box office win for The American last week, Sarah offered her thoughts on Clooney’s success despite having barely lifted a finger to promote the film – click here for a refresher.

Now there’s a new dimension to George Clooney and The American that is emerging. As noted by the LA Times, Clooney does indeed have extraordinarily loyal fans who will support him even when he doesn’t do much to support his own. Curiously enough though, George’s fans, though they adore him, do NOT adore many of his movies. In fact, they hate them. And yet...

They keep going to see them!


This is a new size of balls.

George Clooney now no longer has to hustle...much. He doesn’t even have to make popular movies. AND people will see those unpopular movies. AND when those movies suck, they don’t hold it against him. And they KEEP SEEING THEM.

The expression “he’s the man” is overused, overkilled, and no longer properly applied. But George Clooney really IS The Man. So let’s be careful the next time we’re tempted to say that about someone else. Because when you’re saying it, you’re putting him on the same level. And, really, there are very, very few George Clooneys, now, then, and forward.

George and the Italian Queen left LA yesterday, photographed at LAX presumably to return to Italy.

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