You’re always asking me why George Clooney dates the women he dates. Why he doesn’t aim higher. Why he’s with an Italian tv dancer and a former wrestler instead of hooking up with a woman with more... prestige.

Take a look at his new ad for Norwegian bank DNB NOR. This the dream. Every woman’s dream. There’s the every woman waking up with a massive ring and George Clooney in his pyjamas. When he picks a Keibler, he’s letting you know that it could be you. Me. Us. That his target is well within your/our range.

I know I have no chance with Brad Pitt because, please, as IF I could follow Angelina Jolie. But as my friend Teri said last week during TIFF - Keibler makes me feel like I have a chance. Keibler has great legs, but Keibler isn’t the Jolie. She isn’t Bundchen. She’s not Diaz. She’s not Lively. She is much closer to the woman in this commercial.

Also, this is hilarious. He is SO great in these spots. “Oh hey there!”

Attached - George Clooney shooting yet another ad for Mercedes in Beverly Hills last week.

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