Several of you have emailed about George Clooney’s tasty new piece and her resemblance to Cindy Crawford. Cindy happened to be on Good Morning America and The View yesterday to promote her new clothing line at JC Penney. Perfect timing for some side-by-side and recent comparisons.

You’re right.

Elisabetta is more gaunt, harder looking perhaps, but the hair is the same style, the skin is the same shade, the features are very similar…

George Clooney is dating a doppelganger of his BFF’s wife.

And they spent time together the four of them this summer at Lake Como. Girls on the back of the bikes riding around the Italian countryside.

Now you already know Rande Gerber’s reputation. And George likes it dirty kinky too. Elisabetta? Well according to gossips in Italy – thanks Eveline! – they call her “fidanzata seriale di calciatori” which apparently means she’s been through the entire national football team. Throw Cindy and her mole into the mix and that is a wicked double date. Like a Pitt Porn-rivalling double date. Damn. I want to live there.

This is George leaving the Venice Film Festival on his own yesterday and arrived in Toronto last night, spotted out for a Japanese dinner and signed autographs for fans outside – wonder if this means Elisabetta isn’t joining him in Toronto? If that’s the case, it’s very disappointing.

As you know, George is at TIFF for two films. And a teaser trailer for Up In The Air has just been released…

Don’t normally like VOs. Am not the sentimental sort either but it’s Jason Reitman. He knows what he’s doing. One small, small, small complaint however – no doubt Clooney will deliver a wonderful performance. But his quirky little head tilt? You know his signature move? Watch for it near the end when he’s looking up at Vera Farmiga. It might be time to retire that.

Up In The Air was secretly screened in Telluride the other day to solid reviews all around (thanks Katie!) – click here for more - further establishing it as one to watch.

Manage expectations, manage expectations, manage expectations…

Not surprisingly, the girl I’ve been hyping for months now, Anna Kendrick, has been singled out as a scene stealer, impressively matching George scene for scene, and perhaps even inspiring him to take his game a little higher. This from First Showing:

"Lastly, I can't end this reaction without expressing my admiration for Anna Kendrick, who I've fallen even more in love with after this. Kendrick plays a young hotshot newcomer to (Clooney’s character’s) company that wants to change the way they work. His boss makes him take her out on the road to show her the ropes and not only is it funny to see all of that (she's an air travel newbie), but her relationship with Bingham I think is the best part of the film. She goes toe-to-toe with Clooney in a big way, which was beyond impressive for an up-and-coming actress like her.”

Well no wonder Lindsay Lohan is doing anything but acting.

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