The Italian Queen now and then

Lainey Posted by Lainey at December 3, 2009 15:36:04 December 3, 2009 15:36:04

Yesterday Elisabetta Canalis went shopping in Hollywood with a friend, enjoying her stay in Los Angeles on George Clooney’s dime. He needs her more than ever now. And she has worked for him so far.

Clooney was named today by the National Board of Review as this year’s Best Actor putting him back in the lead temporarily in the Oscar race. But we have 4 months to go. Never want to peak too early. This is why he’s been largely low key these days, making sure to avoid oversaturation, and at the same time, subtly suggesting to the MiniVan that he may have found The One.

You laugh, me too. But deep down every MiniVan Majority member wants to believe that George Clooney is capable of a conventional life. Heh.

So what will we hear about Ely in the coming months? Oh it will be all white and washed for sure. She’ll be careful about what she wears, she’ll make sure it’s sexy but not tarty, she’s going to “refined” now and burying those old skin shots. People Magazine will print some sh-t about what she cooks for dinner or how her poetry won his heart. People Magazine will probably not post the videos below. Ely’s beginning in Italian entertainment that will likely be ignored by the mainstream. SO amazingly cheesy as a variety show dancer.

And also...

Ely being interviewed.

See why I’m obsessed? Clooney loves it all class.

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