George Clooney handcuffed himself to David Letterman last night. To me, he seemed quite comfortable. And quite comfortable alluding to the fact that he was comfortable. And yes, as a favourite of Letterman’s, Clooney was a three block guest. Sort of. I mean, officially, he was a two block guest, but he pulled up a stool and stuck around for Tom Waits. Who was HILARIOUS. And with George just dangling there the whole time, the whole thing was absurd and silly and fun. Worth your 25 minutes.

Yes. There was talk of Amal. About their English home. About how he’s a f-cking idiot compared to her. But mostly George was there out of respect for Dave. I don’t think Tomorrowland was mentioned even once, although it’s not like he hasn’t been out there over the last week, promoting the movie, and his marriage. Because everyone wants to talk about his marriage. And he has happily obliged.

The Daily Mail has compiled some of the best quotes. Like this one about whether or not Amal cooks. He goes on about how accomplished she is professionally, but in the kitchen…

“My wife’s speciality is making . . . restaurant reservations. Her mother makes reservations, too. It’s a generational thing in their family. I’m a pretty decent chef myself. Listen, I was a single guy for a long time, so I know how to cook. I make a nice pasta because I spend time in Italy; I make good breakfast food, and I’m great at Thanksgiving dinner. And that’s good, because let me tell you something about the Lebanese culture: they have big families — and they all show up! There’s hundreds of them. We had a second party after the wedding just for the Lebanese contingent!”

You know what will really get the tabloids going though? He’s actually answering the question about children. And he actually put the possibility on the table.

“I know what you’re going to ask. The answer to the question about children is, I really have no idea of what is going on. No idea. Look, we only just got married, so give us a chance!’

A chance? Oh please. That’s an invitation. That’s basically permission to put her pregnancy every two months. Amal will be the new Jennifer Aniston.

Also attached - Amal out in London today.