As noted earlier this week, that Grazia report about George Clooney giving up the Italian Queen was totally full of sh-t. She made him issue an immediate denial and then she showed up on set in Hawaii to hold his hand. Am I the only one who is amused that they eat at craft? It’s like they’re real people who can handle real food!

So no, not breaking up, not splitting...

But are they expecting?

F-ck. Here we go. If they’re not apart then they must be either getting married or getting pregnant. This apparently is the new round of speculation – because these gossips with wonderful imaginations claim she’s not as deathly skinny as she’s been before and is grazing on carbohydrates. Really? Because she looks exactly the same to me: thin, hard, and rode.

The Italian Queen Elisabetta Canalis has not been overthrown.

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