We all know George Clooney summers at Lake Como and entertains a revolving door of celebrity visitors – the latest is the recently single Bill Murray. Boys on vacation…smutty trouble!

Here they are on the water, paddling, and um, enjoying the view. Then at night it’s out for dinner, throwing back some drinks, obviously accompanied by the ladies, one of them supposedly an Italian actress called Manuel Arcuri.

Brunette, curvy, sexpot. Totally Clooney’s type.

This is good, why change it? Of course he doesn’t want to settle down. Would you?

And don’t start with the MiniVan monologue about being lonely and wanting more out of life. How much more out of life does it get than George Clooney’s life?

Photos from INFdaily.com and LUCA SGRO/Bauergriffinonline.com