Clooney works, then plays

Lainey Posted by Lainey at May 1, 2009 07:06:44 May 1, 2009 07:06:44

George Clooney relaxing at a pool bar in the afternoon yesterday in Miami, then enjoying himself with the ladies in the evening…

I like when he sticks his ass out.

As you can see, George has that famous smirk on his face. His “I know you know I’m up to no good, and I know you want to join me” expression. Per his usual standard, the women he surrounds himself with aren’t exactly the … um….elegant…type, but we are accustomed to this, non? George’s taste has never been particularly high end. He likes the good –time girls. And those MiniVan moms, they’ve never held the good – time girls against him. They all think the good – time girls are simply a transition until he meets them. It’s the Great George Clooney Myth.

Earlier this week, George was shooting Up In The Air in Omaha, Nebraska with Anna Kendrick. Up In The Air is Jason Reitman’s Juno follow-up about a corporate downsizer obsessed with air miles. Am told that on set, George is, as you would expect, charming, engaging, funny, and totally irresistible. He speaks to the crew, he acknowledges the extras, he mesmerises everyone.

Sigh. I want to be his friend.

Photos from Pichichi/ and Kadena Pix/

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