George Clooney is in Vancouver working on Tomorrowland. It’s a Disney movie sort of maybe about Disney directed by Brad Bird. The other night he went out to a sushi restaurant and made the reservation under Mr Sanchez. Ha.

Here are some exclusive photos of Clooney on the first day of shooting in Vancouver yesterday. He looks great. Really healthy, really rested. It must be the West Coast air. I lived in that West Coast air for 13 years. It’s magic. God I am homesick.

George skipped TIFF for Gravity and, because he no longer participates in junkets anymore, he wasn’t in involved in that this weekend, just Sandra Bullock. Gravity opens soon, on October 4. He’ll likely be on a few carpets for it but it seems like, the way the pattern’s been going, that Sandy might be handling the majority of that press tour, especially since they might be mounting an Oscar campaign for her performance. Right now it’s Cate Blanchett and Meryl Streep who are likely locks for two of the five Best Actress positions. If the trailer for Grace Of Monaco is any indication, Nicole Kidman might not be part of that conversation. Sandy has a good chance at one of the three remaining slots. I’d like to see George be her cheerleader.