After shooting scenes for the final episode of ER last week, George Clooney flew back to Washington yesterday to attend a screening for his film Good Night and Good Luck and participate in a discussion at the Newseum and the American University School of Communication moderated by his dad Nick Clooney.

As you know, Good Night and Good Luck was George’s passion project. He was only paid $3 to write, direct, and produce the film and at one point was even willing to mortgage his own home to finance the production. It was eventually nominated for 6 Oscars.

Needless to say, dad must be so proud. And George too! He’s beaming on stage! Cute, non?

Also a good story about how George congratulated Brad Pitt on his Oscar nomination. George is the prank dude but all he did was leave a very pleasant, too innocent message for Brad on voice mail. Brad is apparently joking to their friends that he's living in fear, always looking over his shoulder because he knows George is planning something embarrassing. He just doesn't know when it's going to happen.

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