A week after the Oscars and George Clooney is in Hawaii shooting a new movie called The Descendents working with Alexander Payne. You know him from Sideways. It’s a small-ish film. Not unlike Sideways and Little Miss Sunshine. George plays a rich man who reassesses his life and priorities after his wife and daughters are in an accident. So professionally he’s exploring sensitive territory...but personally?

According to Clooney’s publicist (via Entertainment Weekly), he was crusty during the Steve Martin/Alec Baldwin Oscar opening monologue because he was in on the joke. That still doesn’t explain however why he and the Italian Queen were so f-cking miserable throughout the rest of the show. I’m told the energy between them was dark that whole night. Something is stank there. An Oscar curse with Clooney and his women? The Oscars, they doomed Sarah Larson too. And here I thought the I Queen was more of a contender. Will keep you posted.

As for George’s spirits, they certainly seem improved in Hawaii this weekend Not known if Ely has accompanied him but she was apparently nowhere near the set when these pictures were taken.

Photos from starsurf/Splashnewsonline.com