Here are the alternative titles I had in mind for this article:

He’s not the Sexiest Man Alive

How much foundation is she wearing on her chest?

Not sure I made the right choice.

Because, really, it does look like Stacy Keibler is wearing a lot of foundation on her chest, which isn’t unusual for this kind of dress, no, but for some reason, on her, it seems like so much.

Anyway, here’s George Clooney with Stacy Keibler, always now, at the premiere of The Descendants last night. Kissing her hand. Oh la, Mr President (of Hollywood). That’s quite the display of affection. Can we expect another gear?

They’ve been deliberately pacing The Descendants for an Oscar run, and judging from critical response, it seems a lock for a Best Picture nomination, along with a Best Actor nomination for the film’s star. And this year, without a Jeff Bridges in the way, his chances are decidedly more optimistic. Although George’s bestie Brad Pitt seems to want it badly too.

Stacy Keibler vs Angelina Jolie?

OMG. That’s really funny.

But that may be why he’s pulling out the hand-kissing move.