As you know, as you’ve seen, George Clooney has been working it HARD the last 6 weeks or so for his Best Actor Oscar. Up to last night, he was winning everywhere. He won so much he’d accept his awards like monologues, prepared speeches about his parents toiling in the grain fields and appreciating his opportunities, not unlike the way a political candidate talks about this and that constituent during a rally in a barn somewhere in the Midwest.

Maybe the Screen Actors Guild wasn’t feeling it as much as he thought.

But this is a surprise, non? They’re supposed to all be his friends. Then again, they’re supposed to be Brad’s friends too.

Suddenly the field is looking a lot more wide open. If I’m Gary Oldman, as predicted by Sarah well before anyone else, I’m feeling very encouraged today. Obviously Jean DuJardin too. In fact, DuJardin’s win feels a lot like Marion Cotillard’s a few years ago. Still, in that race there were really only two viable horses: Marion and Julie Christie. This time around, George is fending off contenders on several fronts.  

But how badly does George Clooney want it? George Clooney allowed himself to be leied on television. And talked about how, at 50, the challenge is not dropping trou, the challenge is the rising of it. Really? Did we just do that? It wasn’t as bad as Playboyus Maximus but goddamn Clooney, the stank of his desperation is now being sold at Dillard’s, this is what he’s become. And now that it’s become a race, too, what can we expect over the next three weeks?

Do you re-strategise re: Stacy and bring out his folks - which is what he really should have been doing all along - instead? Or does he go for the ace card and start hinting at marriage and babies? How does a potential Clooney wedding and baby stack up against a potential Brange wedding and 7th baby?

Check them out, all four, last night, posing together, dispelling rumours that Angie hates Stacy... ish. Someone looks a lot more eager and, well, it’s definitely not the Jolie.