George Clooney and the Italian Queen were out for dinner last night in Italy. His new movie The American is due out on September 1, just 3 days after George is scheduled to receive the Bob Hope Humanitarian Award at the Emmys on August 29th. Perhaps that’ll give his box office a little boost. Because, well, have you seen any ads for The American? Have you heard any buzz for it? There’s a movie to market and George has been missing.

Granted he did say last year that he’s over the days of the hard pimp – no more talk shows, no more in your face time, only a select few print interviews, and a carpet here and there, done. But that doesn’t mean getting buried. George has been invisible. And there were reshoots ordered recently, and no festival presence either – not in Venice, not in Toronto...

Does it suck?

Oh who cares? Ely can squeeze a little tighter and make it all better.

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