George Clooney spent the weekend in London. On Saturday night he hit up Loulou’s, a club in Mayfair. Here he is, leaving with his security team shortly before closing. Shortly after, two women were also seen exiting the venue. And one of them looked a lot like Monika Jakisic. They call her the Croatian Sensation. She’s a fixture on the party circuit. And she and George happen to have been dealing with each other back in 2007.

Coincidence or conspiracy?

George, as you know, hasn’t been seen with Stacy Keibler in two months. And while he was clearly enjoying himself in England, Stacy was in Monaco for the Grand Prix. It’s only a two hour flight from Monaco to London. Maybe she’ll join him when she’s done there before they head off to Como together for the summer? Or are they finally ready to confirm the speculation that it’s over?