You have to love the sheer… obviousness… of stories like these. is reporting that George Clooney enjoyed a “guy’s night out” on Wednesday with Cindy Crawford’s husband Rande Gerber. Rande and George have been tight for years. Rande of course is a big time club owner and last night the two hit up his bar Stone Rose at the Sofitel which ordinarily isn’t exactly hopping star-wise.

I saw Jesse Bradford when I stayed there last year. Jesse who? Exactly. Walked around looking like he wanted to be looked at. Loser.

Still… Stone Rose must be a hotspot if George Clooney is there, right? Right???

I guess that’s the point.

Laugh your ass off at People’s description of the night’s events:

“Looking debonair in black blazers and black shirts, the guys were recognized right away, an onlooker says. But the famous pals didn"t mind the attention. Clooney and Gerber chatted with a steady stream of fans, indulging them in conversation – and never turning a single person away.

Later in the night, the twosome moved to a table by the deejay booth – then continued their good time on the dancefloor before checking out around 1 a.m.”

Never turning a single person away? Good time on the dance floor? Can you imagine George Clooney dancing? I don’t want to picture George Clooney dancing.

But George and Rande want you to picture yourself dancing at Stone Rose. Because that’s the place to be. After all… George Clooney goes there!

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